By Duleepa Wijayawardhana • January 21, 2014

Pay for Premium with PayPal

Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 4.17.24 PM

Want to get extra Eaves monthly, discounts in the Shop, less commissions on running Missions, more dividends from your Portfolio and better Mission Analytics? Empire Avenue offers Premium Accounts and now we’ve added the ability to purchase that subscription through PayPal!

Starting today all items in the Shop are now available through PayPal meaning you can upgrade your account to Bronze, Silver, Gold or Mercury or higher!

Some notes: There are differences between PayPal and our other option to subscribe, Stripe. If you use the “Buy Now” button and use Stripe, you will be able to Upgrade, Downgrade and Cancel your subscription at any time using your Premium Account management page. However, with PayPal, your only option, at this time, is to Cancel your subscription by logging into PayPal.

Please also note that it sometimes takes a few minutes for PayPal to send us confirmation so we can enable your Premium Subscription. If you have purchased and your account has not been upgraded within 30 mins, please contact us through Support!

Please take a look at all the Premium Accounts have to offer and give them a whirl using PayPal.

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