By Duleepa Wijayawardhana • January 28, 2014

Important Changes to the Referral Program


Thank you for being part of the Empire Avenue Referral Program. We have made some changes to the Referral program as we have learned from our first group of Referrers and Referrals!

1. New versus Existing Accounts

We are placing Referrals into two groups going forward. If someone uses your Referral Link and creates a new account, we will give a commission which is higher than normal. This commission will start at 15%. In this kind of New Account/Sign Up Referral, you will be the Referrer so long as both you and they are members of Empire Avenue. A New Account /Sign Up Referral may not switch their Referrer and following a new Referral link will result in no change.

For those Referrals who are existing Empire Avenue members and not already Referred as above, then you will be given a starting commission of 8% and the Referral will expire in 3 months unless they choose to remain your Referral by clicking your Referral link before the expiry. These Referrals may remove their Referrer or change their Referrer. The only exception to this is Premium Subscriptions. If you refer someone for a Premium Subscription, you will be their Referrer for the life of the Premium Subscription.

This change is effective immediately and going forward with regards to recording who signs up through a Referral link.

2. Who did you Refer? Now you know!

It’s important to know who you Referred. Part of the Empire Avenue Referral program is a mentoring which requires reaching out to those who you have brought into Empire Avenue. You can now see these details on the Referrals page on Empire Avenue: Click here to view who you have Referred (If you are an approved Referrer). We have indicated which accounts are New Account Referrals if it is the case (please note we do not know, nor can we tell if any Referrals prior to this blog post signed up with your Referral link).

3. The Referrals and Affiliates Empire Avenue Community Group.

We now have a Referrals and Affiliate Empire Avenue Community of which all active Referrers and Affiliates are members. Please come and discuss the Referrals Program.

With these changes we believe that the Referral Program is maturing quickly and we are super happy to have a stellar group of Referrers who have given us great feedback. We’re still learning from you and want you to succeed, so let us know how we can help you!

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