By Duleepa Wijayawardhana • January 29, 2014

Beat The Winter Blues: Vees, Gold and Mercury Sale

Beat the Winter Blues ... of course if you are in the southern hemisphere, you can beat the Summer heat and escape inside. Either way... reward your fans, subscribers and shareholders with the gift of Vees or a Gold or Mercury Subscription during our special Northern Winter/Southern Summer Sale until February 1! Don't miss out!


Up to 25% off Vees until February 1

We're running a sale on Vees which you can give through Missions or as a bonus through selling items in the People's Market. Exchange Vees for Gift Cards (in USA, Canada and USA), for the latest hit Music and now Movies (USA and Canada) and for any items sold in the People's Market if they are listed in Vees!

Want to get faster completions of Missions? Rewarding with Vees drives the completion time down incredibly! Try it out!

This special end of January sale on Vees will be 15% off for everyone but if you have a Premium Account you can get 25% off all the Vees packages! Check out the Sale Now!


15% off Gold, 20% off Mercury (for three months)

Have you been holding off on upgrading to a Premium Account? Take a look at a new page we've created that show each of the benefits of a Premium Account! Premium Accounts focus on Unlocking Value, Improved Data, Improved Efficiency and Promotion and Monetization opportunities.

We've really enhanced Premium Accounts in the last few weeks: Scale Rewards by specific networks, list items in the new People's Market (which has already seen sales for our members!); Ability to move between accounts; Discounts for upgrades on the Shop; Ability to Schedule Missions; More data on your Social Networking through the Social Stock Market game.

We're committed to enhancing all our account types whether you are free or not, but to really super charge your account, getting a Gold and Mercury level subscription can truly help.

Subscribe by February 1 and get a special 3 month subscription rate: 15% off at the Gold level and 20% off at the Mercury level! Combine the subscription with incredible savings on Vees and truly win!

Unsure about subscribing? Contact us at and we can explore the opportunities together!


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