By eavave • January 30, 2014

New Mission Types!

We have had a very busy month over at Empire Avenue! Between launching Movie Rewards, Mission Scaling, The People’s Market, and a sale we found the time to develop some new Mission types that will make creating and completing Missions even easier!

Investment Missions

Have you ever seen a Mission on Empire Avenue asking you to invest in someone on the Social Stocks? Maybe you have even created your own to help out a friend or colleague! Investment Missions are designed to help make this popular request be more automatic, and simpler to complete.

Multiple variables are taken into account such as the Mission Reward amount, current Share Price as well as the number of shares the Mission Completer currently owns in the Profile that has specified for the Mission. These variables are used to calculate the maximum number of shares that can be bought. The Mission reward is then utilized to invest in the selected Profile and any remaining Eaves are given to the Mission Completer.

If you receive an error, please refresh and try again, it may just be that the transaction queue on a popular person is working too fast even by the time you click the complete button :)

Gift Missions

Gift Missions are for the truly generous on Empire Avenue! Gift Missions allow you to give Eaves away to your adoring public without directing them to any outside content. In fact, Gift Missions are given the preset destination of your Profile on Empire Avenue. (just in case anyone wants to learn more about the generous Mission Creator). If your Eaves are burning a hole in your virtual pocket create a Gift Mission and make it rain on Empire Avenue!

Please note, with the arrival of Gift Missions, we will be discouraging the use of “Free Eaves” as a marketing tactic for Missions which actually are a different type. If you are driving people to a Web Page with a “Visit Web Page Mission” we do not consider that “Free Eaves” :)

Survey Missions


Survey Missions are a great new way to get insight on your original content, or anything else that you want to start a discussion about! Survey Missions work much like a regular Mission. Choose your Mission rewards, destination, etc. Where a Survey Mission differs from a regular Mission however is in the “Your Question” box, wherein you can put any question about your linked destination! For example you could set the Mission destination to your YouTube page, and ask a question of “Which video did you like the best?”. The Mission completer will see this question pop up on Empire Avenue after being taken to the destination, and the Mission reward will be awarded upon answering the question! It is a great way to get instant feedback on any of your projects!

We hope these new Mission types will help with reaching your goals on Empire Avenue! If you want to discuss these new Mission types with others on Empire Avenue, or have any feedback for us, be sure to leave a comment in the Empire Avenue General Discussion Community!

Disclaimer: Our owners, writers, and/or guest post authors may or may not have a vested interest in any of the above projects and businesses. None of the content on this blog is investment advice nor is it a replacement for advice from a certified financial planner.