By eavleaders • April 2, 2014

Announcing the next phase of Empire Avenue!

The first social media network run by members, for members

eavleaders_badgeAre YOU ready to help shape the future of Empire Avenue? As you know, Empire Avenue created a new community – the Empire Avenue Leaders. The goal is clear: get 2,000 people to each join Empire Avenue Leaders. For buying the $100 Empire Avenue Leaders Upgrade any individual will receive a truly generous member benefits package.

Did you wonder WHY the community was called Empire Avenue Leaders? It’s simple. Starting now, the Leaders are RUNNING Empire Avenue’s marketing, recruitment, and retention programs. The technical staff will continue to support the platform, manage the database, and provide normal tech support. Beyond that – it’s up to US to chart the marketing course to get to 2000 leaders. Longer term, Leaders may have an even greater influence on the platform’s future functionality.

This is a truly amazing opportunity. The Empire Avenue Leaders will develop and test new marketing messages, new ways to recruit – and retain – new members, and new ways to interact with each other. Plus, we can explore new ways to make the game fun and rewarding for all.

Our first goal is to get the Empire Avenue Leaders community to 2000 members Empire Avenue needs to demonstrate that it has an enthusiastic, highly engaged community. Do that and we all benefit from a reborn site that gives us real rewards for our social media engagement. The future is in our hands.

Right now, YOU have the chance to shape the course of Empire Avenue. To move from back seat driving into making a real difference by bringing YOUR ideas to life. Here’s how:

  1. Join the Empire Avenue Leaders.
  2. Go to the Empire Avenue Leaders Community to join the discussions.
  3. Join (or create) a working group that interests you.
    • Video wiz? Make video testimonial montage, or create video explainers to help newcomers unlock the site’s power.
    • Designer? Create graphics, logos, tips, and maybe even a new identity.
    • Marketer? Dream up recruitment, retention, and outreach ideas.
    • Writer? Write tips and blog posts for the site. Pitch in to create an Empire Avenue Wiki.
    • Trainer? Make it easy for new members to engage.
    • People Person? Create a Welcome Wagon for new members. Brainstorm ways to re-engage inactive members. Recruit friends.
  4. Your group will submit your ideas and creations to the Leaders Community for review and prioritization by the community and by Admins/Brand Managers (See the process in the discussion group.)

Together, we have the talent, the ideas, the expertise, and the influence to make Empire Avenue as powerful as we are. You can take the lead, contribute ideas and time, or simply join and enjoy your member benefits. All leaders will help determine which ideas get prioritized and implemented first.

We hope to see you in the Empire Avenue Leaders community SOON. Remember, the first 500 Leaders will enjoy a special Bonus ON TOP OF the generous Leader package. Please join us now to talk about this exciting change and help us get started!

Your Empire Avenue Leaders Community Admins/ Brand Managers:

Kita Champion (e)KITA ·
Kevin Green (e)MYSODOTCOM ·
Lynn O’Connell (e)OMDIRECT ·
David Sanger (e)DSP ·
Richard Townsend (e)RICTOWNSEND

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