By eavave • June 27, 2014

Empire Avenue is having a great June! Thanks to you!

Yes! Empire Avenue is having a great June.

- Signups are up!
- Activity is up!
- Sales and income are also up!
- Conversations in all our communities are now focussed and being ably led by our amazing community.

We took the decision by closing the General Discussion Community to move discussions (other than technical issues) off site into the public domain and the conversations you are ALL having have helped enormously. Be it bouquets or brickbats please keep the conversations going.

So thank you to the admins and leader teams who have worked so tirelessly to add some extra fun and interest to the site and helping us streamline and to how Empire Avenue operates.

We think July will be an even bigger month! We have some major server changes outlined that will involve us moving to better and more streamlined server processes. Since this will involve some downtime (we're anticipating a couple of hours), we'll let you know as soon as we can and provide more details.

Leader signups continue to meet expectations and we look forward to welcoming even more leaders to the community. With new milestone goals, the earlier you sign up, the more benefits you get. Share the Ultimate Leaders Upgrade package with your friends -- the package combined with the Summer of Fun events will get them off to a strong start on Empire Avenue

You have all done great things for the site and we particularly thank the communities "EAv Gangstas" and "[X]Pendapalooza".

Please keep up the conversations and once again THANK YOU all for your great efforts…. you are showing the way to success! Remember to enjoy [X]PendaPalooza 15 this coming weekend!

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