By eavleaders • July 21, 2014

Empire Avenue and Social Media Missions #EAv-blogathon

Over the past year I’ve become more involved over at Empire Avenue. For those who don’t know Empire Avenue (or just EA to it’s players) is a social media stock market game. It operates similar to a stock market except that instead of investing in a company, you’re investing in other players to build your portfolio. Instead of using dollars, you use ‘EAVs’ (which is EA’s virtual currency). Like in the stock market, you receive dividends from your investments. The dividends an investment makes is based on their social media activity. In addition to a persons social media activity, one way to really rock out on EA is by running missions. You can use missions to help drive up your share price, engage with other users, share content from outside EA that you’ve produced or even things you just really like from around the Internet.


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