By eavleaders • July 28, 2014

My New Traffic Source #EAv-Blogathon

What a busy week so far! There have been some exciting things going on and it just doesn’t seem like I’ve got enough time to do it all. But that’s about to change…

As I stated at the beginning of the month, I primary focus for this month is to begin to build my email list. This is a long over-looked activity but now I really have to make that a priority.
To that end, I have been looking for ways to get my offers in front of eyes and I actually came across a ‘game’ that will help.

It’s called ‘Empire Avenue’ and it has been really interesting. It came to my attention via an email offer ( What really got my attention was the ability to build my social audience free of charge? Okay, in the end you do pay with ‘time’.


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