By eavleaders • July 29, 2014

Going Nuts For Squirrelly Memes #EAv-Blogathon


Squirrels have also entered the zeitgeist of the online financial landscape of Empire Avenue. First launched in February, 2010, this Canadian start-up can be described as a revolutionary online influence stock exchange network game that allows users to buy and sell shares of each other and their brands. It combines the investment mechanics of a stock market with the interconnectedness of a social network.

The EA squirrels are definitely more mischievous than the "Capture Squirrel," in that they are so often a source of blame when one's investment go awry. While it's thought by users to this day that these rodents can squirrel up EA's algorithm, how did this band of nefarious miscreants come to be in the first place?


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