By eavleaders • July 31, 2014

Empire Avenue Review #EAv-Blogathon

I joined Empire Avenue just under two years ago. At that stage, I’d never heard of it and, chances are, neither have you!

So, what is Empire Avenue? Well, one of its tag lines is ‘Be rewarded for being social‘. My take on it? Well, I see it as a game for people who use social media regularly.

The game element is basically like a stock market for people. When you join Empire Avenue, you have a price. This is shown in the platform’s virtual currency, Eaves.

Once you join, other players will invest in you and be rewarded with dividends based on your social media activity.

Your social media activity can include all the usual platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Google Plus. Pinterest, Flickr and even your own blog can all be connected and count towards your activity. The more ‘social’ you are, the better your dividend that is paid daily to those who have invested in you.


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