By eavleaders • August 4, 2014

Celebrating Empire Avenue - EAv-Blogathon

EAv Blogathon 1

Eav Blogathon 2

To everyone who has taken part in the EAv-Blogathon ..

Thank you . it has been a remarkable weekend .

Special thanks to all the 48 bloggers , to everyone who voted for their favorites , to everyone who tweeted , liked on Facebook , created boards on Pinterest - hundreds of people actively promoting the site we love.

The blog site has enjoyed more views this weekend than at any other time since it began ,on Saturday we smashed the previous site views record and on Sunday we DOUBLED the number of views 

Empire Avenue has been promoted globally better than any of us could have imagined.

We have demonstrated how amazing the teamwork and co-operation is .. we can certainly build on this

Empire Avenue has truly benefited

Voting has been extending until midnight Monday , you can vote on the following pages


Poll 1 Why Play Empire Avenue [JOIN]

Poll 2 How To Get Started/Play (HOW)

Poll 3 Small Business or Niche Benefits (BIZ)

Poll 4 Power of Community/Connections (POW)

Poll 5 Humor/Poetry/Graphic (FUN)

Poll 6 Why Join Empire Avenue Leaders (LEAD)



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