By eavleaders • August 17, 2014

Empire Avenue Share-a-thon - Pinterest Category Winners

SQRLThese super sharers responded to Sir Rudiger's call to go the extra mile and create a PINTEREST board for all the blog-a-thon entries. They have each already received a 15 million eave mission for their boards and will also be invited to join the Winner's Circle community for a bonus 1 million eaves. Join us in congratulating and thanking them all.

Stewart Marshall (e)STEWARTMAR

#EmpireAvenue Blog-A-Thon


#EmpireAvenue Blog-a-thon

Charles Carboneau (e)CASHCONNECT

#EmpireAvenue Blog-a-thon

Robert Riley (e)TRUTHTRANCE

#EmpireAvenue Blog-a-thon

Wow Sir Rudiger is as happy as a squirrel with a tree full of nuts. Keep an eye out for other category winner announcements over the next day or so.

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