By eavleaders • September 24, 2014

Sir Rudiger Testimonial Video Challenge

Ready to tell the world why YOU play Empire Avenue?

The Sir Rudiger Testimonial Video Challenge is a contest for Empire Avenue players interested in sharing their experiences as an Empire Avenue player to show both new and/or existing players why they should join (or come back) to enjoy the Empire Avenue platform and all it has to offer.

This contest has 6 categories:
1.Number One Benefit of Empire Avenue: What’s the number one benefit of playing Empire Avenue?
2.Share Your Story: Why do you play Empire Avenue? Do you have a favorite EA feature?
3.Empire Avenue Leaders”: Are you an Empire Avenue Leader? What’s the best benefit? How has it helped your game?
4.Content Discovery”: How do you use Empire Avenue to discover new content?
5.Empire Avenue & Your Business or Cause”: How have you used Empire Avenue for your business or cause?
6.Networking & Connections”: How has Empire Avenue helped you to make connections, build your social media presence, or learn new approaches? Have you built any personal or business relationships as a result from joining EA?

Not a video wiz? Thats ok! If you know how to take a video with your phone, tablet or use your computer's webcam, you can still enter!

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