By eavleaders • October 19, 2014

6 Steps to Writing Great Content for Social Media

The advent of social media has opened new doors for everyone. You probably use Twitter while your mom browses Pinterest, your dad cares for LinkedIn connections and your youngest sibling might be posting a selfie on Facebook right now.

All this social activity naturally attracts businesses (around 90% of US based small businesses use social media) because social platforms are free, allowing them to easily generate leads, reach new customers and communicate with existing ones.

For any business, the goal behind a social media strategy is basically ‘engagement’ – and the key to that is fantastic content. If you are tasked with writing content for social media, here’s a guide you can follow.

Know your medium
Before you begin writing social media content you need to know the platform you will be posting on. Every medium has its own advantages and a peculiar user base.

For instance, Twitter only allows 140 characters along with an image attachment, and is a medium suited to brands and celebrities. Facebook on the other hand lets you write 420 characters and is effective for a host of different purposes.

Knowing the pros and cons of your medium is essential to crafting effective content for it.

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