By eavleaders • October 28, 2014

Empire Avenue Twitter chats Thursday at 7pm UK and 7pm EST #EAvMissions #EmpireAveChat

This Thursday sees the third of our Empire Avenue twitter chats and we invite you to join Steven , Erin , Nance ,Dennis , Simon and Michelle for an hour of discussions on Social Media.

Anything could happen and probably will .. we can assure you though it will be both informative and fun

The topic of discussion this week is Missions .

'Missions is a feature on Empire Avenue that allows players to discover new people, content, and brands in which you can get rewarded for viewing a piece of content with eaves or vees that you can use throughout the site.' Source Empire Avenue Wiki

Missions have evolved over the years and we will be sharing ideas on how to create missions and run them effectively, We welcome your ideas and your questions.

We look forward to seeing you on Thursday .. and if you want to help just message us .

Please sign up using the link here where you can watch the show on the night and join in using the hashtag #EmpireAveChat



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