By eavleaders • November 5, 2014

How Empire Avenue Helps With Your Business or Cause : Sir Rudiger Testimonial Video Challenge Winners

How Empire Avenue Helps With Your Business or Cause: Video Winner Michael Haley

The Sir Rudiger Testimonial Video contest challenged Empire Avenue players why they play and why they think people should join.

With so many wonderful entries, it was a difficult decision to pick the winners, but the winners are in!

The second category was the Empire Avenue & Your Business or Cause, which asked players how they used Empire Avenue to help promote their business or cause.

The category winner is….Michael Haley! Congratulations!



In his video, Michael tells us how he learned about Empire Avenue and what it has done for him.

Michael will receive 5 million eaves for winning the category!


Thank you to all the contestants who entered the contest. You can view all their videos on Empire Avenue’s YouTube Channel.

Who do YOU know who can benefit from Empire Avenue’s networking and social media connections? Share this blog or Michael’s video with them today!

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