By eavleaders • December 2, 2014

The Full Cold Moon #FullMoonEngageMe Social Media Event N°8 #EmpireAvenue #SocialNetworking

The Full Cold Moon

From the 4th until the 8th of December : join our free social media event taking place at each Full Moon – via #EAv – and give a boost to your social networking!


Image by Quinn Cowper.

There are native American names for the full moons that you can find here, here or here.

December’s full moon got its name from the fact that during December the cold weather really began to hit the tribes hard. Additionally, the nights were long and dark which only seemed to intensify the chilling temperatures. This full Moon is also called the Long Nights Moon by some Native American tribes as the winter nights lengthen.

What is this about?

A great opportunity for you to super charge your social networking, to meet Empire Avenue Leaders, to connect with top social media engagers and more… May 2014 initial SoMe event was followed by thestrawberry, the buck, the sturgeon, the harvest, the hunter and thebeaver‘s moons.
In the Empire Avenue EAv Gangstas community, you can still accessMay‘s, June‘s, July‘s, August‘s, SeptemberOctober and November‘s conversation threads.

  • Please read our FAQs and use the comment section to ask any question about the event.
  • You can join – for FREE – Empire Avenue at anytime – before and after any FullMoon EngageMe Social Media Event.
    You can use this link – with no strings attached – to get some extra “eaves” at start !
    See you soon ;-)

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