By eavleaders • February 13, 2015

Empire Avenue Photography Contest - February 2015 #EAvPhoto #EmpireAvenue

Each month we will be having a Themed Photography Contest. This month will be "Color It Red" Theme. It's all about the color red. The picture must have a lot of red in it, such as red roses, red flowers, fire engine, red house, etc.

Please review the Terms and Conditions prior to entering contest. If they are not followed, the picture will be removed from the contest.

First, Second and Third Place winners will be by popular vote, The Judges Choice Award will be given to the one member, either one of the placed winners or one that the Judges feel is the best.

1st Place...4 million eaves
2nd Place...3 million eaves
3rd Place...2 million eaves

Judges Choice Award...5 million eaves and a 2 million eaves Invest In Me Mission


Original work only, meaning your work.

Jpeg or GIF

No memes, no text, no nudes, including signatures on your pictures. For those photographers who want to show their work, I suggest a watermark.

1. Entrants are allowed -- and, indeed encouraged -- to promote the existence of the contest in their social media channels, including EAv mission.

2. Entrants are not allowed to run missions asking people to vote for a specific picture. Asking for a vote for a picture will result in the immediate disqualification of all pictures entered by that person.

Again, it is okay to run a mission urging people to enter the contest and/or vote for their favorite photo that is already submitted. It is not okay to identify your own photo and ask for votes from an EAv mission.

All entrants are anonymous. No entrant is permitted to ark for votes. If this is done, your entry will be removed from the contest.

Empire Avenue Community

The EAv Photography Contest Community is here
You are welcome to join and ask questions , make suggestions and obtain help and advice.

Submitting Entries

The Contest starts on February 1, 2015 at 00:01am ET and ends on February 28, 2015 at 11:59pm ET

The entries will be submitted here :

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