By eavave • March 1, 2015

Announcing Triple Pie Event and Eaves Sale

We have a huge PIE and EAVES sale to announce.


But first: due to all the issues with Facebook (which seem to now be resolved but will take a week or more to stabilize dividends again), we are allowing ANYONE to claim a single Free Pie Upgrade. Go to the Main EAHOME page: and on the side bar you should be able to claim your Free Pie (Please Do this First before buying additional Pies as below!)

You will be able to claim a Free Pie till March 7th Midnight (Eastern).


We've released, not one, but TWO pies for Leaders (Pie #36 and Pie #37). For everyone we've allowed purchase of Pie up to and including Pie #34. Buying a Leaders Upgrade now will give you up to Pie #35 as part of the package.

The Leaders Pies are available in the Leaders Shop:

Pie for everyone is available in the main shop

3. THROWING CUSTARD PIES (not upgrades)

Until March 15 (midnight eastern) You can also "Throw Pies" at each other. Buy 25 Throwing Pies and you go to someone's profile page and you will be able to Throw a Pie. The recipient will receive 250,000e. PLEASE NOTE, Throwing Pies is NOT giving upgrades, but throwing a pie of eaves at someone's face!

We have given EVERYONE a single pie to throw.

Throwing pies are not anonymous and you can see a listing by clicking how many pies you have received on the main page ( with the Pies listing!

Pies not thrown by March 15 midnight will be forfeited.


Once a year it seems we do a very big Eaves Sale.

Leaders: $20 will get you 20 million Eaves

Everyone: $30 will get you 20 million Eaves

The Sale is on till March 15, 2015.

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