By eavleaders • September 4, 2015

Sir Rudigers Piefest Friday September 4 through Thursday September 10 #EmpireAve



Sir Rudiger says As a royal squirrel, I can scurry through the cyber tubes of the interwebs unseen and unheard. Which is how I learned that PIE FEST will return to Empire Avenue exactly one year after its debut.

We will be throwing pies at people we know , at people we want to know and randomly at anyone who comes within range.

Each person you throw pie at will get an eaves reward .

* the biggest pie release of the year (maybe in history?)
* HUGE pie sale to help all players increase the number of shares they can buy in other players
* Best of all, PIE FIGHTS are back! (Did you know this is the event that brought pay it forward pie fights to the Avenue?)
* DAILY achievements and contests to reward those who log in daily
* Enormous eaves sales in both the leader and general shop

I didn't get every detail... but I heard enough to know that this is one event you simply can not miss.

When you join in

* PieFight icon will show up on your home page and you'll have throwing pies in both mod and personal accounts

* Eaves go on sale in both Leader Shop and General Shop

* Pie goes on sale in both Leader Shop and General Shop

* Throwing pies go on sale on home page 11989233_10154231670674741_1277095107_o

(Not buying packs of throwing pies? They are cheap, but not essential to play. You can also return pie by running a Pay It Forward Invest Mission for your competitor.)


If you post your ticker in this thread, you'll get an achievement when event starts. (Or after if you post after.) Only post if you plan to return pies thrown at you. It's unlocked so you can post anytime.…


Sir Rudiger , Thrower of Pies

PS He is happy to have pies thrown at him too :)

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