By eavleaders • September 8, 2015

Empire Avenue Welcome Wagon Player of the Day #EmpireKred

The Welcome Wagon forum , run by Nance and Sally and their friends , is proud to announce the launch of the WW Player of the Day award.

The player , who must have joined the site and forum in the last three months , will be selected at random from the New Members who have posted or answered a question in the group

Empire Avenue is a networking site and Nance and Sally feel that if you participate you will have more fun , learn the game quicker and enjoy being a member of the site.

Sure you can play the EA Stockmarket in your own way , but if you plan on running missions they are far more effective if people actually know who you are.

You can ask questions on any EA related topic , share ideas about the game and help answer the questions of fellow players.

So we are encouraging you to get involved , that way we all win

The prize is

A million eave gift mission

A blog post featuring the player

Inclusion in a weekly blog post on the Empire Avenue official blog site.

To qualify

You must have joined Empire Avenue in the last three months

You need to be a member of the Welcome Wagon forum . You can join here

You will have connected at least one social media account to your profile

You will have made at least one post or answered a question the the forum.

And finally

Start posting and asking questions then you could be in with a chance to win !!

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