By eavleaders • October 29, 2015

Sir Rudiger's Build YOUR Empire Challenge #EmpireKred

November brings Build Your Empire with a series of events which will be fun and engage everyone on the site.

Featuring Invite-a-thon * Blog-a-thon * Video-a-thon * Share-a-thon

The Invite-a-thon runs throughout the month and is designed to help and encourage existing members to invite friends to join us on Empire.Kred and experience the Stock Market , Missions , Free Social Media Metrics and discover the friendly supportive community that is Empire.Kred

Players will get a referral link. People who join Empire.Kred using your referral  link will be credited to  you. There will additional rewards for mentoring new players.

In order to receive the rewards the new accounts  must upload a photo , link two pre existing social media accounts  and buy shares in 10 accounts .The new player also receives rewards .

There will be weekly prizes as well as monthly grand prize(s) to reward recruiters who are most successful at recruiting players who engage.

We have a whole team ready to help new players ,encourage people you recruit to visit the Welcome Wagon.

The Blog-A-Thon which is running for the second time has been expanded to cover the following categories

Blog posts about Empire.Kred , Blogging , Social Media Sharing , Content Marketing , Technology ,DotKred sites and  SEO/SERP.

This is an opportunity to post blogs on any of the above categories and highlight your interests and expertise. There will be rewards for each category and an overall winner.

We encourage all players to tell and share your stories: why you joined, how Empire.Kred has helped you and how it will help new players

The Video-a-thon will run at the same time covering broadly the same topics with similar rewards.  There have been interesting video developments in the last 12 months and we look foward to seeing Periscope and Blab recordings.There will be rewards for each category and an overall winner.

The  Share-a-thon starts mid November and is related to sharing the content from the Blog-A-Thon and Video-A-Thon. There will be rewards for the most prolific sharers via Facebook . Twitter , LinkedIn and Pinterest

Share-a-thon will reward the most dedicated, most effective, and most creative sharers

Throughout the period there will be missions to help everyone who is involved.

As previously announced [X]PENDAPALOOZA  organised by Omar runs  November 20 -23rd , the first time it has run over more than one day

Finally the Full Moon event organised by Dom and EAV Gangstas will run from  November 25-29 .

November promises to be a busy month , with events for everyone to be involved in , content to create and share .

We look forward to welcoming new players in the Welcome Wagon . We look forward to seeing more of your friends on Empire.Kred

More Details about prizes and rules for all events will be announced when the event starts

Disclaimer: Our owners, writers, and/or guest post authors may or may not have a vested interest in any of the above projects and businesses. None of the content on this blog is investment advice nor is it a replacement for advice from a certified financial planner.