By eavleaders • November 1, 2015

Congratulations to Sir Rudiger’s 24 hour Halloween Tree House Party Winners

The Halloween Tree House Party was a great success and we have prize winners

Sir Rudiger is pleased to award Marcus Bailey (e)BIGMEX a special 5 million eave prize for his amazing professional-level Trick or Treating skills.

(We think he found more candy than everyone else added together)


Marcus is from Toledo and likes to help others live healthily.He has been helping others get there Health back the natural way.

The prize will be awarded by Monday.

Sir Rudiger's prize for the best costume goes to Michael Skinner (e)MASKINNER for his "Headless space alien zombie costume. Victim of a cruel and bizarre Area 51 secret government experiment gone wrong."



(By the time we saw his profile he had changed his picture , so you will have to take our word for how good it was)

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