By eavleaders • November 6, 2015

What will YOU do with 100 million eaves?

It's time to find out! During the Build YOUR Empire INVITE-A-THON you’ll earn 2 million eaves for every friend, fan, or follower who accepts your invitation and activates their account fully*. Your friend gets 2 million eaves, too!

kozzi-11226347-social_networking_or_social_media_concept_vector-4000x4000 copyYou can earn up to 100 million eaves by recruiting 50 people. Sound intimidating? Start by aiming for 5 - that's 10 million eaves! Just for getting people who will improve your Empire.Kred experience to join you.

You must use your unique referral link
You'll find it at the very bottom of this page in tiny type:

Who should you invite?
You’re an Empire.Kred player – and that makes you the best possible person to decide who YOU want to see in the game. Who do you know who wants to track or build their social network? Who will do or run missions or enjoy the social stock market? Who shares your interests or creates content that you love to share?

There is a reason this contest is called Build YOUR Empire. If each one of us reaches out and brings in people we like, people we trust, and people who are interesting and dynamic, we ALL benefit from a stronger, more exciting game.

Check out the tips in the Invite-a-thon Community for ideas on how to invite people. Remember: you're not selling anything, simply offering friends the opportunity to play Empire.Kred with you. (And giving them a gift of TWO MILLION EAVES.) Then get started!

Make sure your friends activate their accounts:

Your goal is to KEEP your friends in the game and they must activate their account fully in order to make you both eligible for 2 million eaves. So, when they join, make sure they:

  1. Activate email address
  2. Upload photo
  3. Connect TWO social media accounts before end of contest. (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, YouTube, Foursquare, Flickr, Facebook Page)
  4. Buy shares in ten players

After they complete those 4 steps, we’ll make sure they are a “real human”*. Then, you AND your friend get 2 million eaves! Eaves payments happen once a week.

You'll get credit for every referral between November 1 and November 30.  You can refer up to 50 people, meaning you could win 100 million eaves.  Whether you win 2 million, 10 million, 20 million or hit the jackpot with 100 million, you'll have new friends on the Empire.

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Join the Invite-a-thon Community

Who to Invite

How to Invite: Step-by-step tips

Rules and Overview

* What’s a “real human”? As long as you invite real people and businesses, you’ll have nothing to worry about. We’ll check IP address, make sure social media pre-existed creation of Empire.Kred account, and that the person or business exists. Thinking about setting up accounts for every email you have? Don't do it. The contest is all about getting real new accounts on board, so new accounts will be checked to confirm they pass the reality test.

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