By eavleaders • November 25, 2015

The Full Frost Moon 20th FullMoonEngageMe on EmpireKred


14360457 Squirrel astronomer Every new moon means it is time for social media networking on Empire.Kred. Swing by #fullmoonengageme today

November excitement continues at Empire.Kred! Up now: #FullMoonEngageMe, the monthly social networking event sponsored by EAv Gangstas and (e)DESDAUGHTER.

Learn more on her blog.

Ready to get started? Join the #FullMoonEngageMe thread and post your ticker to start connecting. Look for gift and invest missions, plan to connect and buy a few shares in fellow players, and get ready to watch your stock price calm.

Join the stream to network with fellow players and share tweets. Be sure to use #fullmoonengageme hashtag!

Remember: big prizes are up for grabs in the Share-a-thon.  Join the and include the #empirekred hashtag to enter.


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