By eavleaders • November 28, 2015

Everything You Need to Win the Build YOUR Empire Challenge

Build Your Empire

We're just getting started, and the Build YOUR Empire Challenge is off to a running start! Remember: there is a reason this event is called Build YOUR Empire. If each one of us reaches out and brings in people we like, people we trust, and people who are interesting and dynamic, we ALL benefit from a stronger, more exciting game. (This outreach is IN ADDITION to marketing programs Empire.Kred will run to promote the game.)

FOUR CONTESTS TO HELP BUILD OUR EMPIRE = FOUR CHANCES TO WIN EAVES  You have until December 15th to enter the:


Invite your friends and fans to join. You - and your friend - each get 2 million eaves when they fully activate their account. Plus there are extra prizes for the most accepted invites, the most successful new player, and more.

Join the Invite-a-thon community for tips. Get your unique custom link from the bottom of the invite a friend page. (Use the easy contact uploader to send invites!)

Early results are excellent. We've doubled new joiners over last month AND a higher percentage of these new players are engaged and active. Build YOUR Empire by inviting the people YOU want to see playing the game.


You can enter blogs about various aspects of Empire.Kred, or blogs on business and networking topics. Your entries will be posted on the Empire.Kred blog, as well as our Facebook and Twitter feeds. Players will share your blogs to help earn credit in the Share-a-thon and they'll be invited to vote for the People's Choice winner. Judges will award prizes for each category and the Grand Prize.

Join the Blog-a-thon community for rules, tips, and to post the link to your entry. Entries are streaming in and promotion is underway, so join now!


This contest has categories for both videographers AND anyone who knows how to use their camera phone. Don't want to smile for the camera? The Wiki is actively looking for how-to explainer videos to help new players quickly learn the game.

Since the name of the game changed and the game has a new mobile-responsive design, all our old videos are outdated. To thank you for helping leaders update the player-driven wiki, EVERYONE WHO ENTERS WILL BE THANKED WITH AN ENTRY PRIZE! That's on top of big prizes for category and overall winners.

For categories, rules, tips, and help, join the Video-a-thon community.


This one is fun and easy. Simply share all the blog and video entries across all your social media networks and be sure to use the #empirekred hashtag. We'll have random drawings plus BIG prizes for super-sharers.

Creativity counts -- and it helps everyone! We had slideshares, graphics, picquotes from blogs, and even an interactive presentation. Our grand prize winner, (e)PAULSPOERRY won the old fashioned way, with a heroic level of sharing -- including sharing all his competitors in the blog-a-thon.

To enter, all you have to do is use the hashtag #empirekred as you share blogs, videos, and Empire.Kred news.   For ideas, news, and updates, join the Share-a-thon community. Be sure to join the new Kredstream, too.

GOOD LUCK! Hundreds of millions of eaves are up for grabs. Be sure to include your custom invite link when you blog and share so you get extra credit for referrals. 

Disclaimer: Our owners, writers, and/or guest post authors may or may not have a vested interest in any of the above projects and businesses. None of the content on this blog is investment advice nor is it a replacement for advice from a certified financial planner.