By eavleaders • January 21, 2016

Empire.Kred Blogathon 2015 Results



Firstly a BIG thank you to everyone who entered the competition.

We are very grateful to Sarah Arrow of Sarkemedia who has judged the competition .

There were entries in three categories


The winner is Robert Zarywacz with 'It can be lonely in the crowd cloud, so find friends on #EmpireKred'p_lg_ROBERTZ_0c8523b37f91


The winner is Avil Beckford with Time Management Techniques – Which is Right for You? p_lg_AVILBECKFORD_e1bbd50a6ba9

Social Media

The winner is Matthew Carpenter with A Christian's Guide to Social Media p_lg_PASTORFLBC_522b562ac22f

The overall winner is Robert Zarywacz



The winners in this section were chosen by the members of Empire.Kred

The Winner Michael Q Todd with Strategy. How I got my Empire Kred price to about 2400 and get daily benefit from it p_lg_MICHAELQTODD_29f7b8713120

2nd DES Daughter Network with The Full Frost Moon 20th FullMoonEngageMe Social Media Event on EmpireKred DEsDAughter

Joint 3rd

Kornelia Santoro with Kornelia's Kitchen p_lg_KORNELIASAN_67bb639541fc

Nicky Kriel with How Empire.Kred increased my Klout score p_lg_NICKYKRIEL_43fc80ef25ec

Special Awards from the Blogathon Organisers.

I would like to thank the team involved in organising the Blogathon.

Our favourite blogs were by Kornelia Santoro (mentioned above) and

Helen Rittersporn with “Keep Moving” – Celebrating Dick Van Dyke’s 90th Birthday!p_lg_HELENSSTUDIO_ef96991e402e

Instituto Espanol Second Life with Can Empire.Kred Help Virtual World Content Creators? IESL

Once again a BIG thank you to everyone who entered the competition.

All winners will receive EAVES rewards soon



Thank you to our judge Sarah Arrow for reading and rating all the blogs and selecting our winners Sarah

Demonstrating competency is one of SarkeMedia's founding values, along with showing up and getting the visibility that you deserve.

Sarah Arrow is an award winning blogger, Forbes listed for top websites and a champion of "lighting the way to show others"

So impressed was Sarah by the quality of the blog posts that she is awarding our winners Robert , Avil and Matthew places on her upcoming 30 day webinar challenge .


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