By eavleaders • April 16, 2016

Join Sir Rudiger's Nut Hunt

You have until Sunday at midnight ET to find ALL the nuts Sir Rudiger has hidden around the Empire. Over 6 million eaves are up for grabs in the Nut Hunt - and that doesn't count all the eaves you can get when you participate in the Nut Throw.

Unlock all 42 nuts, post images in Sir Rudiger's clue thread and you'll win a very special nut with a very big payoff. It will be manually awarded to verified winners who post in the thread.

There are a total of 43 NUTS up for grabs. The last batch will release Saturday night at apx. 8:00 pm EDT.  You can still get 42 if you start now... one was only available if you logged in on Pecan Day! Seven are golden acorns worth 350,000 (e) each.

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SO, how do you find the nuts? You get one for throwing golden acorns, another for receiving an acorn gift. Another is yours for commenting on the right thread. The rest, including the golden achievements, require figuring out which player(s) are featured on the nut.

STEP ONE: Find someone who has the nut and look at the achievement description. The nut graphic + title + description give you important clues.  Does it mention a location? Some leaderboards can be searched by country. Does it mention a specific social media network? We have leaderboards for that too. Some clues give hints to the ticker itself. Others use interests and topics to guide you to the player.

STEP TWO:  Get more clues 

Visit mods and official accounts like (e)SQRL. Watch for missions. Read and comment in this thread. The goal of the Nut Hunt is to help you meet and connect with active players, so if you see that a prospect didn't log in during March or April, they will NOT unlock the nut.

STEP THREE:  Unlock the nuts 

Most nuts are unlocked by a phrase like this "Are you A Bacon Nut (e)TICKER".  A few achievements use a different phrase - look for hints.  Make sure you capitalize the ticker.


You'll likely need lots of clues and hints to get all the nuts. The good news is that Empire.Kred players are eager to help you. Visit the thread in Sir Rudiger's Festival of Fun Fan Club, reach out to active players, and post in the Welcome Wagon thread.



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