By eavleaders • May 2, 2016

Empire.Kred Leader Jackpot Doubled

leader-jackpot-banner-1Join the Leaders by May 8th and you'll receive the Leader Jackpot PLUS all the regular benefits. (Scroll down to find out how you can join Leaders for a discounted price right now.)

The Empire.Kred Ultimate Leaders Upgrade gives players over $2000 of in-game benefits for up to 95% off. You pay once and keep receiving benefits day after day, month after month, year after year. Here's how:

  • Leaders receive DOUBLE dividends and big mission bonuses from fellow leaders daily
  • When you join, you receive 5 million eaves, 500 Even More Desserts, 20 promoted and 20 scheduled missions, all the pie up to 51, and other benefits to help you increase your visibility and your portfolio.
  •  cropped-shareholder_placeholder.png Pie51  power_even_more_dessert_30 3 stars leader
  • The Leader Shop brings you big discounts on eaves, pie, promoted missions, and Even More Desserts after you join.  Periodic sales drop the price of these already discounted packages to reward leaders for their ongoing efforts to help build the profile of the game.
  • Leaders receive an invitation to the exclusive Leader Community. You'll learn from - and with - top players, and have the opportunity to use Leader Connect threads to link up with them across social media.
  • Most exciting of all, Leaders receive "Milestone Bonuses" when certain membership goals are hit.  Recently, Sir Rudiger challenged leaders to get the Milestone 1100 bonus by April 30th and then offered them a week to double it to 1125. Overachieving leaders went right to 1125 and now have until May 8th to TRIPLE or QUADRUPLE the milestone bonus.

EVERY PLAYER WHO JOINS THE LEADERS BY MAY 8th WILL RECEIVE THE LEADER JACKPOT. You're guaranteed double rewards... and joining now will help EVERY leader get to triple rewards (or higher).

Milestone bonuses are secret, but always exciting. We have been told that this milestone will include eaves, pie, desserts, and quadruple dividends. How much? How long? What else? That all depends upon which level we hit.

UNDER 30 DAYS or RECENTLY INVITED BY KRED? You have a special invitation to buy the Ultimate Leader Upgrade in the Shop for just $100. That offer expires on day 31... and, you really should consider picking it up now to get YOUR share of the Leader Jackpot.

OVER 30 DAYS and SHORT ON CASH? Leaders have banded together to create a scholarship fund to help all interested players join by the May 8th deadline. All names will be put in a hat and winners will have the opportunity to pick up the Ultimate Leaders Upgrade for just $50. Student? Unemployed? Disabled? On a fixed income? Live in a country with punitive exchange rates? Contact (e)NANCE to find out how to get your name added to the drawing.

ALREADY A LEADER?  Visit this thread by (e)SALLYKWITT to find out how you can help the group meet the goal by writing a post, running a mission or contributing to the scholarship fund.  If everyone donates what they can afford, we can make sure that active, eager players can join and strengthen the Empire.Kred Leaders.




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