By eavleaders • May 15, 2016

Meet the Leaders Quest: How to Play

Meet the Leaders Quest BannerEmpire.Kred is rolling out a new event type, called a Quest. The first quest will introduce you to over 60 leaders, and the benefits of the Ultimate Leader Upgrade. It starts Sunday night (ET), May 15th and runs through the end of May.

How to play:

  1. Check the blog daily for featured leaders and activities.
  2. Each featured leader has pinned a post to their profile. Go to it, read the reasons why they joined the Leaders - and why they think YOU should consider joining.
  3. You'll find the phrase you need to unlock the achievement after you read the pinned post. (Be sure to type it into a NEW comment field, not as a comment on the pinned post.)
  4. While you are on each leader's page, be sure to take the time to ConnectUP. Plus, watch for gift and invest missions.  They will run some and other leaders will also run them, so check the mission feed. (You never know when a mission may trigger an achievement.)
  5. Not a leader? Consider joining and YOU could be featured in the Quest. Go to the Shop and select the Ultimate Leader Upgrade - it's on sale.

A Quest is different from a Scavenger Hunt. It includes a mix of phrase achievements, new mission-triggered achievements, and achievements for visiting certain phases.

Some quests (like the Meet the Leaders Quest) will be easy so that players can participate whether they joined 5 years ago or today.  Future quests may involve finding and unlocking clues in order to find the next place to visit.

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