By eavleaders • May 23, 2016

Meet the Leaders Quest Day 9

The Meet the Leaders Quest will run through May 31. Catch up with Day 1  Day 2  Day 3 Day 4  Day 5  Day 6  Day 7  and Day 8. Scroll down for easy directions.

The Ultimate Leader Upgrade is available to EVERYONE at 95% off the retail value during the Meet the Leaders Quest. Plus, you'll share in the TRIPLED Leader Jackpot because leaders voted to delay the payout so that you, too, can enjoy the goodies they have earned. Leaders have written their stories because they truly believe that this is one upgrade that is well worth the price, even if you never buy another thing. (And, of course, if you do spend from time to time, you'll save on every future purchase.) Read their stories and join today.



Get this achievement simply for visiting the mission feed.  Take a look at how many missions are marked by the original flame logo that signifies membership in Empire.Kred leaders. Leaders earn MORE whenever they do a mission for a fellow leader. Want more people to do your missions? Join the leaders!



Dave is "semi-retired" from his family business, WMW Reprographics. Self-described giver of good advice (except what team to bet on), comedian, ex-Marine, author, technoid, and poster of interesting stuff. Once he joined leaders, "my stock price soared within a short time, I've been getting TONS of help with advice, new connections have exploded, and LOTS of people send me goodies."

DouceFranceFrancois Vallet is restoring a French Loire Valley castle to create a beautiful hotel. He's a trained economist from Oxford, a real estate entrepreneur, manages 5 internet groups, and publishes theater pieces which have been performed by more than 110 theaters around the world. On his blog, he spells out what EKleaders can do by working together.


crabfootCraig Crabfoot brings an interesting mix of scientific and musical talents to Empire.Kred. He's worked in Analytical chemistry, microbiology, technical translation, Quality Systems, computer programming, all while playing guitar and singing the blues. He's managed labs and even a factory. His pinned post about Empire.Kred Leaders is a must read. He clearly explains why EKLeaders is an outstanding value.



Meet the Leaders is not the only event going on today.  Have you collected all the #FullMoonEngageMe achievements? It's not too late! Log into the thread in EAv Gangstas to ConnectUP with fellow players.



How to play:

  1. Check this blog daily for featured leaders and activities.
  2. Each featured leader has pinned a post to their profile. Go to it, read the reasons why they joined the Leaders – and why they think YOU should consider joining.
  3. You’ll find the phrase you need to unlock the achievement after you read the pinned post. (Be sure to type it into a NEW comment field, not as a comment on the pinned post.)
  4. REFRESH the page to see your achievement.
  5. While you are on each leader’s page, be sure to take the time to ConnectUP. Plus, watch for gift and invest missions. They will run some and other leaders will also run them, so check the mission feed. (You never know when a mission may trigger an achievement.)
  6. Not a leader? Consider joining and YOU could be featured in the Quest. Go to the Shop and select the Ultimate Leader Upgrade – it’s on sale.

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