By eavleaders • June 1, 2016

BIG NEWS: What you need to know today

MUST READ for all players.

LEADER JACKPOT SMASHES LAST GOAL: BIG congratulations to all  Empire.Kred leaders! More than 40 players joined yesterday, zooming past the quadruple goal and unlocking BONANZA jackpot. What does that include? Leaders will find out before [X]PendaPalooza starts on Friday.

LAST CHANCE TO SHARE THE HUGE LEADER JACKPOT: Simply join Empire.Kred Leaders TODAY to ensure you get your share of  the BONANZA jackpot. You'll get all the benefits of the Ultimate Leader Upgrade plus you'll share in the spectacular jackpot Leaders just unlocked. Programmers could award the jackpot LATE WEDNESDAY NIGHT. You'll be kicking yourself if you miss this deal.

LEADER PIE AND EAVES SALE EXTENDED:  Pie is still on sale so you can stock up before the jackpot unlocks. You want to own the highest pie you can to ensure that your jackpot includes new, fresh, more expensive pies. How will you use all that pie? Pick up eaves on sale now to stock up for [X]PendaPalooza.


  1. You have until JUNE 2 at 8:00 pm ET (That's 00:00 UTC.) to complete the Meet the Leaders Quest and collect more than 7 million eaves. Go to and scroll down to catch up.
  2. Check this blog around 8 or 9 pm ET on June 1 to see the last batch of leaders.
  3. FEATURED LEADERS: Keep your pinned post up until June 2. If you update it, be sure to include the clue needed to unlock your achievement.
  4. Catch up with Day 1  Day 2  Day 3 Day 4  Day 5  Day 6  Day 7   Day 8  Day 9 Day 10  Day 11  Day 12  Day 14  Day 15 and Day 16. (We skipped Day 13 due to technical difficulties.)





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