By eavleaders • August 10, 2016

Food Fight Day 5: Creamsicles! Have you signed up for a team?

I, Sir Rudiger, am here on the blog to let you know about a global team sport that you DON'T have to spend a lifetime training for.

Presenting the Great Empire.Kred Food Fight! 

Playing is easy. Here, I will walk you through it:

  1. Whether you throw a lot, throw a little, or just collect food fight items, you can help your team win.
  2. Sign up to be assigned to a team. New players added to teams daily.
  3. Check out the creamsicles we're throwing for National Filet Mignon Day. You can pick up a food pack so that you'll be automatically restocked every day. Or, use eaves or choose a smaller pack. Food_Fight_Creamsicles_SHOP
  4. Log in DAILY to see that day's food item and throw, throw, throw.
    Throwing any amount daily helps your team.
    Throwing EVERY DAY helps your team.
  5. Post often and widely to encourage more people to throw food items at YOU.
    The more items thrown at you throughout the event, the more points your team gets.
  6. Share social media posts on Twitter and Facebook.
    Sharing helps your team. SHARE THIS BLOG TO START! Use #empirekred hashtag.
  7. Promote your team! Retweet or send your own.
  8. Throw as much as you can!
    We'll work to spread big buyers across the teams so everyone has a fair shot.

Have fun, connect with your team, and see if YOU can win the Great Empire.Kred Food Fight.

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