By eavleaders • September 8, 2016

Join us for Connect-a-Palooza Two Starting Friday, Sept. 9th 10am ET

STARTING on Friday, Sept. 9th 10am ET and running to Tuesday, Sept 13th 10am ET

What could be easier than to be in a community where you have everyone there with their network links? Saves you hours of time and their interests are there for you see.

Connect-a-Palooza is all about connecting whether it be through the networks on Empire.Kred or off.

Connect with new players and seasoned players,Mmke investments in those players would be very much welcomed.

The RULES OF PLAY are quite simple. Each network and your interests will have a thread. Please add your name, or ticker to that thread. Please keep comments OFF of the threads, I will add a section for comments only, look for blue pinned thread

So we invite you to connect with your fellow Empire.Kred players this weekend

More information , support and guidance are in the Connect-a-Palooza Two forum

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