By eavleaders • October 7, 2016

Presenting Four Days of World Exploration

Get ready for four full days of worldwide exploration!

1475809877_dagamaday1loginThe action starts NOW with a login achievement when you visit Empire.Kred.

Sir Rudiger Equirrel - a well known royal explorer himself - is running missions to help you find today's hidden achievement.

To get the achievement, you need to enter the right phrase on your profile.

Every few hours, Sir Rudiger will run another mission to give you another chance to get the achievement.  NOTE: Only one achievement, so once you get it the first time, you'll need to wait for Day 2 for more achievements. (Mission rewards will help soothe you!)


Players are throwing gold coins worth 100,000 eaves each to shareholders and new players.

The more coins you collect, the more eaves you'll have! If you're new, be sure to participate VISIBLY.  Comment in the Welcome Wagon. Visit Sir Rudiger's Fan Club Community. Comment on his missions. Players love to get new players off to a strong start, so make sure they see you and know you are online and playing.

WATCH FOR NEW ACHIEVEMENTS DAILY. Sir Rudiger is often the first to announce new elements of events.

CHECK THE SHOP FOR SALES. Great time to stock up on eaves.



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