By eavleaders • October 21, 2016

Throw a water balloon to help Haiti recover from Hurricane Matthew


So many people in the world lack clean water. Haiti is suffering a water crisis now due to Hurricane Matthew. Meanwhile, we can fill balloons with water and play with them... what to do? Let's fill water balloons and throw them... and send the proceeds to Haitian water relief efforts!

20% of all purchases from October 21-24 will be donated to Water Mission's Hurricane Matthew response. They state that 100% of donations will go to Haiti for hurricane relief.

To help sweeten the deal, Empire.Kred will make at least one item available at a super discount every day! Check the shop and watch missions for details.


Leaders: Dividend Doubler at highest discount ever.  (Already bought? You can add and extend your doubled dividend.)

Everyone: Portfolio at 80% off!

You can also help raise awareness by following @water_mission and sharing news and facts about this crisis and the overall worldwide water crisis.



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