Fagner Lordello By Fagner Lordello • April 9, 2020

EK April 2020 Update

Dear Players,

Last year we received feedback that you wanted us to re-invest resources into Empire.Kred development.

As some of you know, last month we re-engaged a full time engineer. His work plan is divided into 4 Stages. 2 of those stages are now complete:

  1. Stage 1: Updates to text, links and contact emails - DONE

  2. Stage 2: Tweaks to Shop Items, Accounts and Achievements - DONE

  3. Stage 3: Multiple Login update and Facebook and Twitter Scoring improvements - WIP
  4. Stage 4: Re-Design - WIP

Here are some of the new features that were pushed yesterday:

  1. Updates to text, links and contact emails
    Throughout the site, we have updated the messaging to correct any broken links, update incorrect contact emails and improve general copy.

  2. New Wealth Levels Added
    We realized that many players have outgrown the previously established Wealth Levels, and have added 3 new levels:
    50 Billion
    100 Billion
    250 Billion

    It’s time to increase your Wealthiness!

  3. Reduced Membership Plan Prices

    Screen Shot 2020-04-08 at 12.11.50 pm

    Please visit https://empire.kred/shop/account/subscriptions to access

  4. Get more Eaves! We increased the Number of Eaves you receive per purchase

    Screen Shot 2020-04-08 at 7.03.55 pm

  5. Prioritization of Premium Account tickers in Search
    Premium Account holders are now easier to find, with their tickers listed first in search.
    Get a Premium Account here: https://empire.kred/shop/account/subscriptions

Thank you to Nance, Skip, Henk, Jay, Michelle, Erik and everyone who contributes for us to improve our game.

Happy Easter!

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