Jay Hoque By Jay Hoque • February 25, 2020

Leap Year MEGA SALE - 85% Off!




Don't miss out on this VERY RARE sale with a MASSIVE 85% OFF EVERYTHING!!

With the exception of premium accounts, EVERYTHING in the shop is 85% OFF!! Including NEW PIE!

Are you a new player? This is a perfect time to upgrade to Leaders package! It's going for a steal!!!

It's unlikely you'll ever see a sale this BIG again!! (Not until the next leap year at least)


The sale was intended to be for one day only on the 29th Feb 2020.
However, due to it being such a rare deal, we want to give players in all time zones at least the full 24 hours of the 29th Feb to take advantage.

So instead of the usual Squirrel Times, the sale duration will be as follows:

  • Start: 29 Feb at 00:00 AEDT (Australian Eastern Daylight Time)
  • End: 29 Feb at 23:59 PST (Pacific Standard Time)

That means you will get a little longer than one day to spoil yourself!!

If you want to check start and end times in your timezone, click on this Timezone Converter.



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